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Green Plastic Products

項目符號 TPU Sheet/Film series
項目符號 Anti-hydrolysis TPU leather & tarpaulin
項目符號 Inflation TPU leather
項目符號 Flame-retarded grade TPU leather
項目符號 TPU sponge series
項目符號 Bactrun - Dry Touch Feeling
項目符號 Active Carbon Fiber Fabric

TPU Sheet/Film series:
  • Product Type:
    General TPU sheet/film:
       thickness: 0.10mm~2.2mm
       width: 36~54 inch
    Double sides shining face
      TPU sheet/film:

       thickness: 0.15mm~0.4mm
       width: 36~50 inch
    Single matting face TPU sheet/film:
       thickness: 0.10mm~0.4mm
       width: 36~50 inch

          emboss process is available
  • Usage:
    SShoes & Garment label.
    Inflatable gasbag.

Anti-hydrolysis TPU:  
  • Product characteristics:

    high-pressure durability
    anti-bacteria & fungus
    For Anti-hydrolysis Inflatable Product
       (EN-396 passed)
  • Product Type:
    Polyether TPU sheet/film
      thickness: 0.10mm~0.4mm
      width: 36~50 inch
    Polyether TPU leather
      thickness: 0.10mm(min)
    Polyether TPU tarpaulin
      thickness: each side 0.10mm(min)

  • Usage:
    Inflatable life jacket
    Diving suit for sport diving
    Inflatable boat or Speedboat
    Washable medical mattress ..


Inflation TPU leather
  • Product characteristics:

    clean & non-toxic ( ISO 10993-5 approved )
    excellent puncture strength for inflation
    easy welding or sewing process
  • Product Type:
    TPU coated Fabrics
    ether or ester TPU depend on the usageTPU+PVC coated Fabrics
    reinforce the physics properties of pure PVC
  • Usage:
    Life jacket for general water sports
    Air Mattress for daily use .....

Flame-retarded TPU
  • Product characteristics:

    Flame-retardant treated fabrics
    Flame resistance ASTM D 6413 /
       NFPA701 certificated 
    automatically snuff out
  • Product Type:
    FR-TPU coated Fabrics
    FR grade ether type or ester TPU
      are all available
  • Usage:
    Life jacket for air flight / sailing
    Mattress for nursing home / hospital
    Industrial apron, protection suit, or
       curtain for hazard works
    Oil container tank

TPU sponge
  • Product characteristics:

    Light & soft, but also durable
    Good elastic recovery
    3-D emboss effect

  • Product Type:
    TPU sponge with fabric reinforcement
    specific gravity: 0.3~0.6
    TPU sponge sheet
      specific gravity: 0.4┬▒0.1
      directly used for welding

  • Usage:

    Shoes material


Bactrun - Dry Touch Feeling  
  • Bactrun┬« Is a combination of special hydrophilic thermoplastic polyurethane membrane (Dry touch feeling membrane) and wide variety face fabrics by FRG's special lamination technic.
  • Product characteristics:

    2 Layer Breathable Film Laminated
    Anti-Bacteria and Mold
    Special TPU Film Keep You Dry
    No Need Lining Layer
    Patent Pending

Active Carbon Fiber Fabric  
  • The properties of Active Carbon Fiber :
    1.Large surface area 700~1500 m2/g
    2.It is easy to be generated-High temperature desorption
    3.Big capacity for adsorption
    4.Easier desorption procedure of all impurities adsorbed
  • Application
    Water treatment
    Air purification and deodorization
    NBC resistance
    medical/health-care, chemical protection

updated: 2007/1/23