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項目符號 Silicone calendering sheet
項目符號 for FPC molding mat use
項目符號 Silicone Rubber Pad for Heat Press Series Product Data Sheet
項目符號 for Machine Bellows use
項目符號 Silicone calendering sheet for TFT-LCD module use

Silicone calendering sheet
  • Items:
    SSD000-0045~47: GP grade
    SD000-0042~44: High tear
  • Structure:

    Thickness range: 0.30mm~3.0mm
    Max. width: 58in
  • Characteristics:

    Insulation, gasket, molding mat. anti-slip mat

for FPC molding mat use
  • Items
    SPG9A0076: 1.6mmx40in, 200°C heat resistance
    SPG9A0079: 1.6mmx40in, 250°C heat resistance
    SPG9A0080: 1.6mmx40in, 300°C heat resistance
  • Structure:

    Double side Silicone coated glass cloth surface with powder
  • Characteristics :

    FPC molding mat.

Silicone Rubber Pad for Heat Press Series Product Data Sheet
  • Items:
    SPG9A : 1.6mm
  • Structure:
    Double side silicone coated glass cloth, pad materials for film lamination
    of FPC production.
  • Technical Characteristics
Items Method SPG9A0076 SPG9A0079 SPG9A0080
Thickness (mm) 1.6+/-0.1 1.6+/-0.1 1.6+/-0.1
Width (mm) 1000 1000 1000
Hardness ASTM-D2240 65+/-5 65+/-5 65+/-5
Tensile Strength (Kg/3cm) JIS K 6772 70min 70min 70min
Tear Strength (Kg) JIS K 6772 0.5min 0.5min 0.5min
Elongation(%) JIS K 6772 5~20 5~20 5~20
Operating temp.(°C) -40°C~200°C -40°C~200°C -40°C~200°C
Cure Status cured cured cured
Feature Normal heat resist High heat resist
  • Compound Characteristics
  Unit Values Standard
Elastomer Type Silicone rubber --
Color -- Deep Tangerine --
Density G/cm3 1.1~1.3 --
Hardness Shore A 70 +/- 5 ASTM-D2240

for Machine Bellows use
  • Item:
    SPG9A-0067: 0.80mmx40in
    SPG9B-0004: 0.35mmx40in
  • Structure:
    Double side Silicone coated glass cloth

Silicone calendering sheet for TFT-LCD module use
  • Item:
    SDPP0-0018: 0.25mmx40”
         Double side matt surface without powder

    SDET0-0014: 0.25mmx40”
         Anti-static, Surface resistance: 106-7 ohm/square



updated: 2014/11/12